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MapStore is an Open Source highly modular webgis framework developed by GeoSolutions to create, manage and securely share maps and mashups. This simple and intuitive framework mixes contents served from servers like Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Bing or from other servers adehering to OGC standards like WFS, CSW, WMS, WMTS and TMS. It is installed and configured on a Web application server so multiple users can access the site using Web browsers. It is used to find, view, and query published geospatial data and to integrate multiple sources into a single map view that can be easily navigated. Furthermore, with the release of the new version, this software allows the user to create dashboards for hosting widgets such as mini-maps, statistical charts, tables and much more.

MapStore aims to be both a product and a webgis framework. As a standard geoportal product, it is a web-based product for map visualization and analysis that enables you to build a geospatial interactive web site or web service. It provides a direct and real-time access to geospatial data warehouses of all the geospatial formats supported. It also provides all the spatial analysis functionality. This means that you can use it to build a web site that gives to thin clients, with nothing more than a web browser, a powerful, dynamic, and open geospatial application, previously available only in a desktop application. It is also a framework in the sense that it can be used as starting point to build sophisticated geospatial applications. It does not depend explicitly on any mapping engine but it can work with OpenLayers , LeafletJS and Cesium 3D viewer ensuring the greatest flexibility when one wants to use it as a framework.

MapStore has been designed from the beginning to provide users with a coherent and comprehensive experience across different devices, hence it should automatically adapt to different screen size as shown later.

MapStore is based on OpenLayers, Leaflet and ReactJS, and is licensed under the Simplified BSD license.

Quick Start

You can either choose to download a standalone binary package or a WAR file to quickly start playing with MapStore. See the Quick Start documentation for more details.