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Managing User Rights on Maps

What a user can do, both on maps and dashboards, depends on its role.
Admin users can manage accounts and can view and edit all the maps and dashboards, whoever created them. Users can view and edit only those maps and dashboards which they have created. If they are neither administrators nor owners, what they can do depends on the Rights assigned to the group they belong to.
The administrator can assign rights on maps to groups through the Edit Map Properties panel, accessible by this button :

The panel looks like this:

In the Add a rule... section you can select a Group and assign a permission to it:

In the example above the can view permission has been assigned to the everyone group. Clicking on the green plus Add button the assignment will be saved and the rule added in the Permission Groups list:

It is possible removing the rules from the list anytime by clicking the red Remove button .
The permission type, in the Permission Groups list, can be changed anytime from the select menu. The available permissions have self-explained labels:

  • can view allows group's members to view the map and to save a copy of it

  • can edit allows group's members to edit the map and to save it