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Home Page Overview

In order to get started, let us take a look at the portal interface and get an idea of how to navigate around it. Some functionalities are only restricted for Administrators and will be pointed out once encountered. However, you will learn more about Administrators, Users and Groups here.

Once logged in as Administrator, the Welcome Home Page shows up as in the figure below and you will be able to view and make use of all the functionalities.

Home Page

On the top of the page, you can find the Main Menu bar showing the following menus :

  • Connections to GeoSolutions, Featured and Contents sections (will be treated later).

  • Language Switcher menu list.

  • Own Account Manager menu.

  • Accounts manager


The Accounts manager section, where Users and Groups can be managed, is reserved to the Administrator.

Under the menu bar, you can use the Search bar to search maps and dashboards stored in MapStore.

New Map and Dashboard

Under the search bar you can find two icon buttons to create a New Map or a New Dashboard.

In this container the favorites maps and dashboards are stored and marked by a green star.


Only Administrators can add maps and dashboards to Featured by clicking on the star icon button.


In this section new maps will be stored into the Maps container and new dashboards into the Dashboards container.

Depending on the permissions, the user can view and use the configuration icon buttons for each map or dashboard.

  • allows you to delete the map or the dashboard.

  • allows you to edit the properties of the map or the dashboard such as the thumbnail, name, details and permissions.

  • allows you to show the map or the dashboard details.

  • allows you to add the map or the dashboard to Featured.