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Managing Users

Creating New User

From the Users page:

  • Click on New User icon . A pop up form will open.
  • Fill the first page of the form by assigning a Username and a Password.
  • Select from the list menu to assign a user or an admin role for the user.
  • Finally, Check the flag to enable the user.


Enabled users will have a green status icon under their profile otherwise will have a red status and will not be able to log in.

  • On the second page, Compile the form by providing further informations about the user.

  • On the third page, Select the groups which the users will belong to, then Click on Create.

Editing a User

From the Users page:

  • Click on the Settings icon in order to edit a user, you will be redirected to the pop up form where you can change the user details.

  • Or, Click simply on the icon to delete the user.